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Version 1.0.1 features

The second version 1.0.1 of MyLauncher has been released. It is available on the Gnome Extensions site. It now supports multi-line commands that can be chained using a semicolon. An optional menu icon for category type was added. Also the extension now supports a right-click settings option which opens a preferences dialog. Terminal commands for ~ and $HOME can be now be used in launcher commands. Additionally, I added a clear history alias command [CH]. -Mark


Author: Mark Bokil

License: GPL2+

Contact the author: mark dot bokil at gmail.com

Current snapshot: MyLauncher Github repository.

Progress/Release Notes:

1.0.2 (development)

o planned, - active coding, + implemented

- cache parsed menu items for faster redraw
- add keyboard shortcut to access mlauncher menu
o right to left menu option for Arabic locale
o move toggle desktop to native shell code
o add alias commands for complex tasks (restart, suspend...etc)
o add alias command list to properties file for help
o scrollable all apps submenu alias 


1.0.1 (released)

o planned, - active coding, + implemented

+ tooltips option (Cinnamon only)
+ icons for launcher type identification
+ clear all history alias command
+ increase speed of menu efficiency on slow systems
+ multi-line commands added (separated by ';')
+ move preferences to gsettings dialog
+ add support for ~ and $HOME 

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