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A bookmarklet to show tooltips for Oracle UCM

I was working on a project with Oracle UCM (Web Center) and noticed there was no easy way to identify documents on a page being served from the content management system. After a couple weeks of hacking together some JavaScript I came up with a bookmarklet which toggles the visibility of tooltips on documents. The […]

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Minimalist White Firefox theme for Australis

I started using Firefox 29 beta. This version of the browser has a new UI called Australis with curvy tabs that look somewhat like the Chrome browser. I felt the new tab look was too heavy and over-dominating so out it goes! I updated the Minimalist White theme to support Firefox 29 beta. Install it […]

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Better HTML tag matching effect for Sublime

I use the Monokai Bright Sublime 3 theme mostly for editing HTML. It bothered me the bracket highlighting for HTML was so hard to see. So I edited the theme so HTML tags light up with an electric blue underline effect. Download the theme. On my system I located the theme file in C:\Users\mark\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text […]

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Cinnamon Linux MyLauncher App

I was looking for a way to dump web sites, applications, and folder locations into a custom panel menu and I couldn’t find anything that did what I wanted so I created this app. You can add a list of apps, URLs, and places in a simple text file and the menu GUI will automatically […]

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