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A bookmarklet to show tooltips for Oracle UCM

I was working on a project with Oracle UCM (Web Center) and noticed there was no easy way to identify documents on a page being served from the content management system. After a couple weeks of hacking together some JavaScript I came up with a bookmarklet which toggles the visibility of tooltips on documents. The bookmarklet also supports double-clicking which opens the document information page. Below is a screenshot of the tooltips in action. Click […]

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Debugging PHP apps

Debugging PHP can be difficult if you can’t see what is going on inside your web service. Lately I have been using a strategy of using log messages to monitor the values of variables. The log messages will go to your Apache error_log. In your PHP code add the below statement and give $myVar some value. error_log(“***** PHP -> ” . $myVar, 0); Open a console — iterm is great if you want an excellent […]

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Hacking AngularJS for debugging

I have been working with Angular to write a source code wiki. It occurred to me that it is difficult to see exactly what is going on inside the $scope variable unless you use console.log() generously to output values. So I started to look for a way to debug Angular without using Chrome extensions. The hack is to temporarily set a window variable that points to $scope. app.controller(‘notesCtrl’, function($scope, $http,$sce) { //scope hack for debugging […]

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